You’ll get better than me, But where can I get…

You’ll get better than me,
But where can I get…
The one who returns from his work, even after returning green,
Listening to your words with full enthusiasm, from where will she get it?
He who watches no less than cricket,
How will she tell the stories of your daily soap,
He is the one to listen to all the complaints of your companions,
Where do you come from, that’s why I am saying,
You’ll get better than me,
But where can I get

All those secrets, will that also be hidden,
Whoever trusts, sometimes hears me,
He will bear all the childish acts,
Who once became his in my life,
He got up early, will you use the phone first too?
Or will you talk at night till you sleep,
Or he will also come to your mind,
Even if it is not your fault, even then, without anger…
I am still saying, listen, will I now say everything,
that you will get better than me,
But where can I find it…..

Don’t you remember all those things that you told me,
We would have started, and wherever I went, I was the size of me,
Today all those stories will be made Kisper,
That’s all the time, even when there is no time, to spend time with you,
Time had passed, will anyone else come out,
Whenever that smile used to disappear from your face,
Then after completing all your efforts, use the one who brings it on your face,
Or else, let it be man, nothing else can do,
Just understand that
Whom you were not good or bad but you used to look like yourself,
Where else will you get that heart,
Well listen, you might get it, but talk to me,
Then I will tell you that you are not from me……

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