We have more memories of you than you

Well listen, you know more than you,
Your memories are stuck with me,
Looks like you didn’t teach them to leave like you,
She still comes to me at nights, to tell or to teach something,
Bass is the one whom you still do not remember even today.
But you know more than you your memories are stuck with me…

There was one thing which I had to tell even today, if you ever cook, then check the salt, it works every time.
And yes, that red shirt you gave is a bit torn but I have used it, they are probably more compulsive than our relationship now and I am just compelled…
Well listen, your memories are stuck with me more than you…..

Listen, next time don’t ever eat mushrooms from memory you are allergic,
And never look at the hero alone, you have cried,
Don’t work in your office till night. Your mother is worried, and I probably used to do more than her….
Well listen, your memories are stuck with me more than you…..

Next time recite your memories, teaching all your things,
Because I forget you even after forgetting and don’t know why you can’t remember
But come on no one, I am not angry with you, but I am definitely with your memories, because they remind me of you
You bring me a little closer
Well listen, let it be man, not today……

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