These things are to be remembered later

yes i have seen
Changing the weather with you,
Stopping the time just for me,
Being restless in this moment,
Heart beats grow bigger…
I don’t know how many words are needed
To describe this moment,
also accumulate
Words full of statement in my bag,
But your presence was missed again
Makes my bag…
That’s why hate this moment,
Who can’t keep you with them always with you
Your absence is acceptable
But these things don’t have to happen at all…
Because these things have to be remembered later,
Which I don’t like at all…

yes i have seen
By your window, on a lifeless night,
To the lonely moon amidst the shining stars…
I have seen that every dream,
Whatever ever started with you,
or end you
If you are not there, I do not even dream of dreams,

I have seen
Every beautiful form of the world with you,
and live without you,
I don’t care either…
Now I hate even dreams,
Because there is a feeling of your being in these too…

It didn’t work, it was accepted, I was accepted,
But not talking is worse than death.
Have to wake up every morning, silence the tears on the pillow,
immerse yourself in the moment,
something is going wrong,
the feeling of not being you,
I’m losing myself
The breath goes on, but
There are some works
Looking for their existence…
I hate to be alive now,
Because you don’t stay
Your words are often
and not wanting to,
These things have to be remembered later,
to give some pain,
Before Marne,
I don’t know how many times
Death has to come by taking you away,
these things,
This is what you have to remember….

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