Talk for a While and See

OK listen
Talk about some fear and see,
If you walk some distance along then see,
Then you will know how much I need you,
You are angry with me today
Come on nobody, I have got a chance to convince you on the pretext of work-to-work ISI,
You don’t look so bad at all
That smile of yours isn’t it?
i like it a lot,
I can do anything for her
I am saying
Talk about some fear and see,
If you walk some distance along then see…..

I still remember all those things,
what we used to do,
Even today the silence that comes when you are not there, USS hears me in the silence,
What was that song, which was always humming Karti, I have forgotten its song, but still remember the tune,
No one, I will remember you again to convince you,
I will listen to the whole song, I will remember all those things, you only
Look with some fear,
If you walk some distance along then see….

Hey man, do you ever go out on the road alone,
You have a habit of washing my hand,
If you don’t get it, don’t feel bad for you
And yes, if you go to see a movie, then go with someone, why now I will not be in the next seat,
If you can do this, then thick,
Otherwise, listen, a.a. go,
Today there is no fear, will do all the talking,
You will get lost while walking somewhere, when the time comes, you will find yourself,
But you know how much I need you…

Excuse me…..

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