Santa World Beginning

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A Santa is very sick so he was not able to go to Christmas night to give presents to the children. Santa has a boy, his name is Arthur. Arthur sets out for earth to present his father’s jug on Christmas night. There are about 1 million gifts in Arthur’s Hat.

The last gift is left with him, he takes that gift and goes to us at night, that gift belongs to a girl who is very beautiful. When Arthur goes to give us the gift to that girl, his eyes are on that girl, he already likes that girl very much, so he has been there to give the gift and he leaves his santa claus car and told them to go back to the santa world. The car leaves.

Arthur’s age is about 16 years old and that girl’s age is also 16 years old. Every Santa Claus has a power to be gone, Arthur uses that power and disappears which the girl doesn’t know.

It is morning and the girl wakes up, she takes yawn with all her strings, he sees him and his love keeps on increasing. Later that girl wears clothes after that and gets ready to go to college. For 7 days, Arthur kept walking around as the girl.

Seven days later, Arthur himself went to his Santa World. Everyone in Santa world was very worried about Arthur, why did those people think that Arthur was killed on Earth, but when Arthur came to Santa world, everyone would be very happy to see and his father thought that he would love him so much.

On hearing that he lives on earth, his father was worried and entangled, Arthur’s father’s name was Zenor. Zenor told his boy with a loud voice that such is not possible Santa has no respect for falling in love with some earthly girl or boy.

Arthur asked his dad why this is why dad said we can’t stay on earth for more than 7 days and those 7 days also come on Christmas day, so loving the girl on earth means nothing we all curse us All this work has to be done, we cannot do what we want.

Arthur’s father took Arthur to Heartly Place in Santa World and said that this stone looks like a heart shape, this is his Santa World ha heart and Arthur saw that some 5 questions have been written above him, then he asked his dad to see it In response to this, his father said that when someone solves these five questions, then we will be free from Santa world and Santa and when someone solve that five questions, then the light of heart will free everyone from this pure Santa world. When Arthur asked his father, who hasn’t tried yet, his father said that yes 150 years two peoples tried but after that they just gone and we nothing hear about them at all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Those 5 Questions are:
1) is There are god or not
2) what happens to a man after death
3) Why are there no women in Santa’s world
4) Who made Santa World
5) What will happen to Santa’s world as the light of the Heart Stone of Santa’s world falls.

Story Will Continue……

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