Man what a wonderful thingToday I can sit and talk with you for some time, I don’t have that much […]

I made some promises to you,Well let it all be small things….Indeed, I have spent the rest of my life,For […]

hmm,How far are we going together?This question, I have been asking, again and again…As far as we go together, I […]

Man saw a dream in childhood,Somewhere across a cloud,A house will be yours in the city of those dreams,That house […]

Hold this hand, don’t know why it ran away todayDon’t know what is kept on this path ahead….But now I […]

Only times have changedThat’s my habit, isn’t it?Even today I can see your photo with someone else,so scared,Say no to […]

little joke,little seat,And some memoriesIn these there are onlyour story,remember that dayWhen my friend called my mother at home by […]

Everyone’s praise must have adorned me,But your grievances have made me,has taught me to fight, most of all,Made me better […]