Only times have changed
That’s my habit, isn’t it?
Even today I can see your photo with someone else,
so scared,
Say no to burning it, nor fear of losing you,
If there are bass, then there are
Because what is that, isn’t it?
My thoughts, my thoughts can be fulfilled,
But not my love…

the doer of talking to you,
Dhar saree, so much that it never ends in one go,
But there are phases in the flurry of time,
You are not far from me
But I don’t even have
I stop trying your phone,
If the line is not connected, then there seems to be restlessness in the mind,
But by understanding that you will be busy, I amuse myself…

The last time we met, there was a slight annoyance on your face,
I want to say sorry for USS Narjagi
The clip that went missing was not yours, your friend had not taken it,
want to return to the USS clip
And I want to reunite the things that are yours, like the USS clip…

Whatever I change for you,
a little difficult,
Beetroot for some time,
Beetroot will also go for some time,
will stop breathing,
The beats will also stop
Run will also come out of the body someday,
Just won’t miss you..

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