Never Remember Me

don’t you ever miss me,
Yes, whenever you come to school, my eyes wait for you,
He often spent my time on the way to your house to catch a glimpse of you,
To hear your voice, without saying anything, my call came just after hearing your hello,
don’t you ever remember…

Remember, those things which used to start with me and then travel the whole world and end on me,
That passion to fulfill your every mistake,
He is the first to wish you on your birthday, that’s why I stick to the phone for two hours,
With that matching dress of yours, remembering the color of the matching nail polish, the one who brings you every matching thing on time,
don’t you ever remember…

Some things are never written,
Like while walking on the road, your little finger’s sticking to my little finger,
Even when you are not there, I am tormented by your lack,
Even by lying to the whole world, only telling the truth to you,
He is the one who sheds tears on everything, first of all go to wipe your tears, all these things cannot be written.

Your relationship with me is like a book
full of alphabets,
but silent,
even after hearing all this
you never miss me…

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