Never Mind

Sometimes the rush of life,
out of something,
If you sit in solitude,
And then at the time of return are there any fear and sitting?
What were the US times thinking?
is it ever too late
were using mobile phones,
It was just
when to leave again
Have you started checking?
Whose message were you waiting for at that time??
Do you ever talk to anyone
suddenly distracted,
And don’t know about anything else,
Has the USS time laughed??
After all, what was he thinking??
that’s not enough,
These occasional things
started happening frequently for a few days,
No this ain’t no love
No, this is not some untold relationship.
Nor, this is not even a gift of birth,
This is a habit
You are a habit in my everyday life,
And worry matt,
Like any other relationship,
The ISS man needs no claim to play,
No, that’s yours with me.
coming sail,
Because this relationship is the same
where we started,
ever call whoever is near you,
So half half Mannu
Don’t come from
Come come with your freedom…
after all you are a dream
and that’s enough for me
But the bad thing about the dream,
This is the eye band
and dreamed,
That’s why it’s a wish that
Come to work from work,
come to reality,
not in the dream
So that I can tell you in reality,
for feeling,
I can even dream…

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