my life is not easy till you

Let me say one thing today, it is not easy to get you, it is not so easy, it is a very long and difficult road,
I have to do a lot of preparations to cross this,
First of all, you who stop till me,
There will be a pundit,
Some of my friends,
And some of my relatives…

AA go to my pavilion,
Recognizing the same green bangles,
Whatever I had given at the fair,
By putting that little red dot,
To wear the same yellow sari,
In which you look no less than a nymph…

That would be the fold
But I will do that account with God,
Don’t be afraid of the world,
‘Cause I’ll be waiting for you
You come bass, the rest of my hawala….

And yes,
There are some promises that we have to keep together,
always in us every time,
You were winning
But the issue is you, we win in this journey…
The journey of those seven births will be discussed among us in seven rounds,
Responsibilities of 3.5 Ferro My Sir, the work of your 3.5 Ferro is my responsibility…

You have to fight again today, this time not for me but for me,
To win this last battle from this world,
Because your only stopping,
There will be a pundit,
There are few friends
And some of my relatives…..

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