Love Poem

If we talk about love,
So the people of the moon love us,
believe the earth,
The moons who consider the earth as their everything, keep revolving around it,
That earth too, for one or the other sun,
circumambulation is being done,
The love of the earth does not like the sun,
The love of the moon is not liked by the earth,

But if you see,
In Chanda’s life,
Polaris lives closest to him,
Donate or not,
Polaris comes to us, stays awake,
Neither ever longs for other’s love,
And never lets Chanda realize,
earth, sun, and moon,
Sarai Trio’s love,
becomes eclipse for each other,
But there is a Polaris N,
who ever came to love,
Because of this, don’t let the flame come on the donation,
Chanda will ever understand the love of Polaris,
don’t understand,
Yes but the world
Polaris always
Will remember along with Chanda…
You too in someone’s life
Polaris will stay
If the earth or the sun could not be made of any donation, then
Work to work, become a Polaris…
Don’t ever leave…

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