I’ll figure out the rest…

How far are we going together?
This question, I have been asking, again and again…
As far as we go together, I will ask till there…
Are you walking like that?
Hey, short answer
Give me yes or no…
I’ll figure out the rest…

you are one of them
The fairies that come in every boy’s dream, don’t they?
Hi just like that…
I don’t know any prince, angel
Have I ever come in your dreams?
The short answer is
Give me yes or no…
Rest I will take my society…

well you will not yaken,
Today Subha you were in my house,
in my kitchen,
was making tea for me,
At that time, don’t worry yourself,
The first option was
But I didn’t
Because even if it’s a dream,
So I don’t want it
bass live…
Has this ever happened to you?
Oh, it’s a short answer.
Give me yes or no…
I’ll figure out the rest…

It’s all mine
All these partnerships
starts with you only
And it ends on you,
If you have any such plan, then tell me.
Otherwise just say yes or no.
I’ll figure out the rest…

Even today, even after knowing you completely,
take your eyes off you,
It’s not just about me,
But yes, to watch you all day long,
To die on your every gesture,
It’s about me
If you have any such scene then tell me,
Oh come on, just say with your eyes,
I’ll figure out the rest…

You are like that, fresh air,
The ones who come to me every day,
Bass don’t get carried away like him,
Bass like him every morning,
keep coming to me…
Won’t you come
I do not ask for the answer,
You come and tell yourself….
I’ll figure out the rest…

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