If this time mileage,
So I will bring that diary with me,
In which I have written every night,
The pain of not seeing you everyday,
All the things that I only wanted to do to you,
All those secrets which are like thinking that if you meet then only you will tell,
Those mazar things happened someday,
Which is written just thinking that if you tell then how much will you be,
Wrote some poems
In which every page is full of your praises,
One who praises,
The feeling of seeing myself in your eyes,
Your talking to me, riding your children with your hands,
Take my hand when you go to your rate,
You make me smile unnecessarily for everything,
And your talking to me…
It would be better if you don’t read the USS Diary.
Otherwise you will find out how I wrote about you more beautiful than you,
Somewhere you do not get jealous by reading your own written my USS.
Shop Bought for You with USS Diary
a nail polish
a chocolate of your choice
and a card
And all the things
Whatever you have to do…

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