I Have You

Man what a wonderful thing
Today I can sit and talk with you for some time, I don’t have that much time…
Today, on a wonderful evening with you, walking in a big park with your hands is not a good sign, I don’t have that moment.
Today on your call, I should stay in the middle of the night, but on your call, I will come straight to you, today I am not much left…
But come on no one, even after all this I have you, don’t you…..

Even today you do not have the spirit to bring me from Yamraj to China.
Today the smile on your face, which once gave me the reason to do all my good deeds,
Today, when you walk on the road, your hand which used to mist my hand, is not even looking for it today.
Today I don’t have anything, I have you from work, don’t you…

But it seems something has changed
Because now I have nothing,
Neither your support, nor your hand, nor your words, nor your childishness, nor your fighting with me, and neither you…
Oh yes, I had forgotten that now you are not with me…..

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