How i Make you to Believe

Man how can you say that she is not mine,
I have adopted everything he likes,
Raindrops, Ghalib’s poetry, and white color, everything could not make its own use,
Still you can’t say that she is not mine,
If you don’t believe me,
Go and see, the marks of his nails are telling on the side of a window, how eagerly I have seen my…
Go go and see, on one of its pages, turn the pen’s lakers, which will tell how much we were remembered….
Go and see, the name of his pillow from those who will tell that tears have flowed somewhere for me too.
Go go and touch her phone, how on any of her rings, she used to have a smile on her face that would tell how nice she was to talk to me…
Go go and ask, from those days, when I didn’t get any phone calls, how was he irritable, who would tell that till which he had become timid, he was worried about me…
If you are still not sure, then you are tired,
We will never meet from now on, I swear by God, I will go anywhere, and I will get rid of the use myself…..
But know that our luck will bring us together again, see together, will be made for each other…..

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