he was a comrade

The one who had never met his eyes,
But he was never far from our sight,
The one who every changing date of the calendar,
had changed more than
Sometimes my own, sometimes angry, sometimes sad,
So sometimes my shadow
His words would have been lost somewhere,
If I don’t write today,
I will never be in love again like before,
So cute, so cute, so innocent…
Now as much as I mean, hi
I can love her…
I can’t do more than that,
Because he was once a companion…
But from today we are not…

Because something must have been left,
between you and me,
like a relationship,
As if still standing in a gathering,
miss each other,
Something must have been left
between the other to complete,
Who looking at each other in that gathering,
Silent every time,
and each other’s voice,
The wait continues…
There was some difference, some was like Ambana,
There were some considerations, some rivalries,
But there was never infidelity in this relationship.
But the one who was
He was a companion
We were never like this…

When there was a relationship
Then do something unknowingly again…
And when you go today,
Then the relationship is built…

The one who falls in love for the first time,
Longing to do another Dafa from him…
even if it ever hurts her,
Then be the king of that pain too,
But alas, once I was lost,
Couldn’t find the courage to submit it again…
Forgive me, USS
Because the one who lost everything in the first place,
Second time love with him is also like infidelity…
But he will be your companion to us,
Even if there is no sympathy for him,
Even if the journey of love passes like this,
Even if the traveler of the heart cannot be defeated,
Even if that lover loses once again…

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