From Some Days

little joke,
little seat,
And some memories
In these there are only
our story,
remember that day
When my friend called my mother at home by lying,
Karti had come to meet me.
Shape used to sit in front of me,
USS Time USS Pal,
you don’t say anything
Your eyes used to say a lot,
You may not remember the things that happened to you,
Yes, but your eyes are done, remember,
I have threaded a little of them…

On such a night, a call made on your home’s landline,
who reached you till the fourth time,
I am getting the doubts resolved through Pooja.
She used to say this to her mother…
Some gifts given to you,
Even today I have found,
It was closed on the friendship day of the school.
The pen given for forgetting on my exam,
Even his refill is not dry till date,
He tells you chocolate on your birthday,
When the poor class got one and give it to me,
Even today there are discussions about the USS…
My friends are also naive the poor,
It is not necessary to even know your name,
Even today your number is saved in the name of sister-in-law.

Your love was great,
I want the respect of loving you by learning from you,
I want the honor of betraying the USS Mohabbat,
Then by betraying, I want to respect the case of love,
You have taught me, that’s why I want to do this love with you again,
Have respect???
I am still learning today, some of your bets are gone…

My love was accumulated in you,
The one who got you,
who saved for you,
Whenever I felt bad, then I see your picture lying in the purse,
And I thought, how long will be the journey of Tasfeel from the picture…
I was blessed
I am rich because you are in my trust.

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