Man saw a dream in childhood,
Somewhere across a cloud,
A house will be yours in the city of those dreams,
That house will not be less than a palace,
Visible far away from the window of the USS house,
A big garden that never ends,
So many things for us to play in the garden,
The flowers growing in that garden,
Whose colors will ever decorate your world….
A dream mountain right in front of that garden,
From the world, rain drops from molten sapphire,
The river flows right next to that garden….
There is no shortage here

Hi walking inside the palace,
Fairies were more beautiful than anything,
start dancing around you,
right in the middle of the palace,
The decoration is your throne…
and standing behind that throne,
Two doormen, fanning you,
These fairies are so delicate,
Don’t put these hats, otherwise you are a caste…
No shortage of food, no work to do,

Indeed, these are all things to be said,

True things, what will be the fate of that dream,
You will reach that dream city,
But alone, there will be a garden in front,
But there will be no one to play with,
The river will flow to flow,
Across that river, only blood will show blood.
What your nymphs thought,

She will turn into a witch
And the concierge who was fanning you till now,
The same you, with a dagger in hand,
For all your evil deeds, you will be held with a dagger,
There will be food, but there is no one with the player,
There will be a throne, but only to cut,
Bites will always prick you,
Will keep reminding you, what
How helpless are you
What to do, this is the punishment for coming to such a high mountain,
You have to come here alone
and in that garden,
Under the full blue sky,
rustling, husbands, tahniyan,
telling you,
Is it only you or
Only you, your breath, your eyes,
And no bass…

I am the main batta,
What will happen when you reach the top?
These are the golden walls of the palace,
and silver windows,
Neither will it be able to stop the noise coming from outside,
And neither will let the one who lives inside live in happiness alone,
If these were the images of mehndi, then all are equal.
But don’t know why, in the light of pride,
All these discrimination stories come…
These fairies, you know,
To the city of your dreams,
No way to reach…..

I am divided
Let it be further you will not be able to hear…

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