Are we Free

We are free to say
Even today half of our country’s farmers are suffering from drought.
And half are ruined since then…
But to say we are free…
Even today there are riots at some nook and corner,
And don’t know how much depression is there in you…
But we are free to say..
Even today there is dirty politics on the martyrdom of a young man.
And those people weep for compensation,
who have their own children,
But we are free to say…
Jagat guru ever we,
Sometimes it is said that son’s birds,
Today the rupee has bowed in front of the dollar,
And we’re just rusty steel,
But we are free to say
Those who are sitting in power,
or their friends
Only they are settled here,
But we are free to say
It is also their job to eat here, to wear clothes as per their wish.
For the sake of speaking, there is no speech, nor is there any dialogue,
But we are free to say…
Have seen all of the clouds, here are all the sons of everyone..
In choosing blood, these people are also masters of machos.
But we are free to say…
Those who climbed for this freedom, who knows what they remember,
But today we worship them, what we get is casteism,
Come break Sarai Bedia,
kill these wolves,
Come see this foundation,
The foundation of our bright future…
And show the whole world,
In fact we are free……

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