Above All Praises

Everyone’s praise must have adorned me,
But your grievances have made me,
has taught me to fight, most of all,
Made me better than myself…

Everyone’s happiness must have taught me to laugh,
But your tears have taught me to laugh at everyone,
taught to be careless, most of all,
Having taught you to keep your voice in front of everyone, the highest,
Taught to blur one’s own identity in the crowd…

It’s right that you rejected me,
Gave my shortcomings in front of the freezing,
Yes but always keep me behind you
Sustaining himself with the fire of freezing,
kept me in love with us,
Those who have more children than their childhood, let their childhood live…

People will not understand your love
Will always taunt you by calling you mean, angry or unfaithful
But my heart will always appreciate your love,
Because today I have to go
How does it feel to get out of your desire?
Jalna is so smoldering in that sunshine… that too alone,

Your complaints are better than everyone’s compliments.
Your tears are more beautiful than everyone’s smile,
No one can take my life in your place,
You also know that this power has not stopped again,
Now that you know so much, then also tell how you should be called…
Or if you can’t say it, just tell me that you should be forgotten from work,
I am so incomplete without you
The whole standing is deserted in some gathering,
More than everyone’s praise….

-by Aryan Sharma
Dedicated to all the love of a mother,
Mother’s love is of its own kind in the world, no one can take its place… never
Original by Zakir Khan,

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