A Stranger Last Chapter – Never Ending Love

Me and Preeti reach to the jungle and shout “Ashok”, “Ashok” until the voice in it, after some fear we poach a jug, there a person wearing a mask is crying with Ashok, in his hand, he is a knife Looks like a young boy. Preeti chases after him as we poop, I stop him and say “Wait, he has a knife in his hand, Ashok’s life is cut off”, then he says “Let’s refer Preeti to me and go get your son” , then I ask “Who are you? And why are you doing all this? You told Preeti and my dad about Anu, didn’t you get anything by doing all this”, he says “Yes I am It was that too, I just want love, I used to love her a lot, I will never interfere in your life after that”, I try to go to her in talks so that I can kill Ashok and Bacha Saku to both of Preeti then he says “No, let’s send Preeti from there, I will send Ashok from Yaha”, Preeti gestures to me, don’t take tension then both are getting exchanged as soon as Ashok and Preeti comes across each other, Ashok. He goes to keep the slave, then I start getting irritated with him, we are having a fight. Preeti takes Ashok from the garden and she comes to the police. and u I get hit a lot, I get hurt a lot. When the police catch him and his mask comes off, then it is known that he turns out to be Raghav, my distant aunt’s son, had a distant relationship but he seems to be my cousin, Preeti was very much liked by him and that’s it. . Preeti ignore us from him, Karti was there and she has rejected us, he says “My revenge is not complete, I will come back, Preeti I really love you very much, why didn’t you understand, Preeti is not there.” It is visible, what you have done, I will never forgive you, Inspector take it and give the harshest punishment”, after that the police arrest him and take him to the hospital, after all this they are quickly taken to the hospital, They also call my parents and they are all sad. My dad has said “What Happened to you”. Avi tells everyone what happened to them, then they field, “Do you love both of them so much that you will die”. I say “Dad, all the people in this room I have are very important, without them there is nothing in my life, I can give my life for everyone, Didi and I love more than marriage to marriage.” Had to marry her, life was bitni with her”. He has said “This society does not allow this son, there are no 2 marriages, marriage happens only once, with whom life is settled” then tells me “Yes. Papa is right, but have I ever heard till date, you also go, I do as I like, Papa has said, “Yes son, they are all right, but how will I do all this”. Avi says “It is easy Uncle, make Preeti officially the daughter-in-law and Anu even has a separate house, then Arya will take care of both the houses”, Papa said, “Why both are separate, Anu also has full right to live in our house and our wife bane ka”, Anu speaks from the pitch “Papa, you are accepting me, that’s enough for me, life is good for me, what I live for is my happiness, their happiness is my happiness”, my mother Says “Shut up sit all, both daughters are coming home together. And will get Preeti married too, will not speak outside the family, has also got married, but I agree now by doing all of us together”. Be happy, everything goes well. After a few days when I get tired, Preeti and I get married and my life is filled with happiness and this is the story of this story.

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