A Stranger Chapter 8 – Mystery Trap

I go to the next day job and apply for the holiday, sir asked me “What happened Arya? Everything is fine, no tomorrow also, and you are taking a holiday now!” I said sir, that little health was not sick, that’s why I am thinking, take some leave now and do the rest”, sir, I have to know well that’s why I have said “ok, take a holiday on holiday”, don’t leave anywhere, sir tell in joke way then tells me “no no sir what is saying, this will never happen, like these company people will not find me anywhere else”, sir signs and says “ok you go” then i am looking for job After I call everyone and say, everyone is ready then I go home the next day I, Preeti, Anu, Avi, Ashok all meet and all are looking like family, all having fun “Matheran” Go and enjoy there”. Avi is making an informer so that we catch that fellow, we all come in preparation, everything was going well, we are having fun, Ashok is troubling Anu, take it then Anu asks me for some money Come, tell Ashok to wait the same, when he sees the return shop caste, Ashok is not there. He feels like he is having fun again but when he is nowhere to be found, he is very scared, I have a garden in the garden and says “Ashok is not found”, I speak what he says” Can’t find the truth”, I say “What? How? Said?” Anu says, “I don’t even understand, without informing him, he doesn’t go anywhere.” Then everyone starts asking the nearby ducks, yaha they tell me in the same way. That call is from Kidnapper and was the same number that Preeti got the message and Papa got the call. He says “If you want Ashok to be safe, then you refer Preeti to me and she is married forever, take your child, live with your family’s ghee”, I say “Don’t do anything to Ashok, I will give you as much money as you want, I don’t speak, I don’t want money, I want love”, I ask “why Preeti? why you did this? ” I want to do it” I speak to me, “As much as I have said, I have done as much as I have said”, I say in fear, “No, I do not do as you have said”, then the call is cut, everyone asks me , “What happened? What happened?”, I cry out. That bastard has kidnapped Ashok, we are planning to puck him and he had planned everything to do with us”, Avi asks. But what do I want from her”, I say “I want love from her”, all my confusion is asking “Preeti why Preeti?”, I say “Pata nahi he chahta hai, I should forget Preeti by referring to her, for humsha” Avi Says “He is definitely Preeti’s lover, I am I was skeptical of Fele. Preeti says, “Look, leave all that, Ashok has to be saved now”, Anu says, “But you don’t give, Ashok has to be saved there, I want my son, but I am not in danger for your life.” No, preeti try to explain. “Friends, nothing will happen to me, I will go to the tiger once it is right.” Avi says “Brother, the police should tell now”, I’m tense my “If he comes to know” , Avi says “I will not know, he is not that much driver, I call the police from Anu’s number and tell everything till you and Preeti go to him, I will take care of the rest”, then I say “Ok Yes “I go with this plan”, then he gets the call again and he says “Kya decision hai son or Preeti?”, I say “I want my son back”, he says “Shabaaz! Now Quietly take Preeti with you and come to the nearby forest, I am waiting for you, I speak to Abhi, You call the police and take Anu with you, take care of her, we are going to the jungle , called him there”. Avi says “Okay”.

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