A Stranger Chapter 6 – Secrets Don’t Hide

I was going to my room, father stops me and asks me “Where were you last night?” I said “I was late from office so I stayed at a nearby friend’s house”, Dad said “Then call us and speak to power”. I said “R dad, that phone was off”, then dad said “to call from friend’s phone”, I was silent, then dad said “I have got some news that you go to meet a girl at her house Hai Rose, is this true?”, I was scared and read in thought who told this now?, Will Rajiv not make direct contact with his father again, he is torn from his dad’s, then dad shouts Is “Say something, is this true?”, I think this is the chance, it tells the truth that will be seen today, if not tomorrow, it was to be known, then I dare to say to my father, “Yes, I have found a girl in my father.” Since I like him a lot, he is infinite, so I help him a little bit, whatever my thing.” Dad said, “Well, you will be so big, you have a son too, have you done this?”. I was shocked , I said “no papa he has adobe, he had gone along with him in a few days also to adobe”. Papa has said “who is he? What is the name of our girl? And what does he do? “I said, “Her name is Anushka and she is doing job, she is not doing anything right now”. Papa asked “What is the qualification?”. I said “Papa, he is an orphan, I have not read anything from Bachchan”, so Papa Said “What do you want to say, do you want to marry a girl who has nothing and she is also a child of a child” “What is bad in this, father, her and that child’s life is pure power, happiness comes in their life.” Arguments between me and my father continued on the argument, Papa said, “She will never become the daughter-in-law of my house”, I also told me, “What is not the power, I have married her.” “Only hearing this, Papa’s hand was raised to kill me, then Preeti comes and puts his hand and says “No! He is your son, he didn’t make any mistake, I have got more than you”, then I keep thinking, what is Preeti Yaha doing and what is all this going on, then Papa has said, “Speak to me like this” “Look, this girl had come today for you, she wanted to spend life with you, and today she came to know all this”, then I can not understand anything, Rati ho gaye gu. I had gone and told me that there is no problem, you are doing it right, then I left the house and went somewhere, my parents and love were all milking me, so angry I went and take something for myself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K, Preeti also calls Avinash and tells what happened and asks “Where do you know?” Tabi suddenly remembers Preeti and Avi, I may have said. Preeti said to Papa “I know that there is more devotion and there is a hill, I have a lot there, I go there when my mood is off or my mind is not tired. I talk to Preeti. I am sitting there thinking what is happening, Preeti comes there and says “find how much you and you are yaha” I say to her “Why is it drooling, where should I go anywhere? Then she says “sorry” and the agreement is what happened.” Actually, Avi had planned for Papa to see our pictures and how well we live together, I saw that Papa saw all his pics, we are there too. Calling me today, he called me to talk about our relationship, only called me alone, till if there was a misunderstanding with him, then the misunderstanding in the family, you got me a lot and when I wanted to know then call my father from an unknown number and call him. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Where is your son doing look, have shared everything on WhatsApp, then someone sent pics of both of you on Uncle’s WhatsApp, you guys were roaming in the mall and there was a picture of a house too”, I calm down a bit and speak I’m “what to do now, it’s all done, how will we get married and our future?” She said, “Leave it to me, I’ll understand your dad and everything will be fine, we just plan something and make it happen.” Tera and Anu are getting divorced”. I said “No, why should I divorce her, she has no one other than me. Preeti says “Yes, I understand, let me meet her”, I say “Dude, I don’t know anything from her, if you come to know about her, she will break and I can’t see the pain from her, so much we love I have done as much as you do”. Preeti says “Come on now the house will be all thick”, I say “No, I will not give home less than work today”, Preeti “No, you walk”. Preeti is a caste by force. I’m home, mom and dad are tensed there, dad said something, after that go to your room and go to sleep.

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