A Stranger Chapter 5 – Sometime Yes Sometimes No

It’s our company’s 50th anniversary so have a big party. Then I got to work as expected party arrangement I got busy then the day the party was there, Anu’s call came many times but I was busy so I didn’t see that after some fear everything was arranged, I got free Tha then took a drink and checked the phone then I saw so many missed calls from Anu and got scared what happened, I called Abhi and told him “Ashok was very hungry so the doctor was called, I must be feeling fine now, I have something There was work so I could not stop”. I got out of the car after disconnecting the call and went to direct Anu’s house, as soon as I went home I saw Anu was crying and said to me “You do not want to go away”, I said “Sorry Anu was busy”, Anu said, “Ha ha it’s time to have a drink, never comes here today if anything happens to Ashok! Went to and saw what reduced his temperature, Anu said “Now he is tired, he is asleep, don’t wake up”, still Ashok got up by mistake and then Ashok hugged me after seeing me and said “You said” Papa , mother was very much, I will do something, I know if you come then nothing will happen to anyone, you will do everything right”, then I said “hey son nothing will happen to you, you, you need you “, kissed on the head and anu ke passed and my ankho came to me asu then anu ne pucha” what happened to you, you will get tired now”. Ashok called me Papa”, then Anu said “Yes, I told him very well that I taught him in school, what are the parents, what happens to the father? So we are that Maa Papa undesrtand”, I was happy and felt Anu engaged, Preeti’s call came in that, I looked and felt chosen, Anu said “Don’t take anything”, I got up and said “Yes indeed No I am a little busy and kept it”, Anu and Preeti both got suspicious. Seeing my behavior like this, Anu asked “Who was it?”, I said “It was from the office!”, Anu said “Important thing Karlo na!”, I said “No no, it is not important, actually today was the company’s party, you will go party Mai?”, Anu hurriedly said “No no party, I don’t like big people’s party is very boring only The drinks pine go away”. I said “it doesn’t happen that I have got to contact with big people”, he said, if you want to go, then I don’t want to come”, then I said, well let us wake up somewhere else, you eat where you have to go bass”, to him Asked “Sure?”, then I said “Yes absolutely!”, then we left Ashok at home and we went outside, Anu said “Let’s go to the movie”, then we went to the nearby theatre, Anu very romantic mood I was then I thought let’s see some love story so in this Anu said “Let’s watch some horror movie”, I said “Ok” and Bhootnath was like we saw the film and came back home, it’s too late Then Anu said “Stop here today it is too late”, I said “No I will get to go, my mother will doubt that I am always going home”. Anu in angry said “Thick hai, thick hai go, I don’t want to talk to you”, then in a hurry said, “Hey you were having fun in my bad mind, I stay here today”, since then Preeti’s call Came, I cut Anu said this time “Are you keeping quiet with me?”. I said “nothing else, let’s sleep”. Said him “Don’t change the matter, tell me what is the matter, when the girl’s call is there, why do you behave like this? And you cut the call in front of me, what is the problem?, are you keeping quiet?, I said “No There is nothing like this, if it happens to you, then whose call does not arise”. Said her “Don’t make a sister”, I said “If you ask so many questions, then I go home”, then she said “Good thick, thick Let’s go to sleep”, then in all of us, with Ashok, Anu, I lost a family’s wires, then in Subha, I went to work from there, I wipe the house after the job, then I see that the father is at home, I am in my room When I am going, the father stops me and asks me where did you go?

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