A Stranger Chapter 4 – Series of Love

Let him send me pictures of me and Anu’s wedding. I was shocked as soon as I saw this, how did I know and from where are these pictures, I had in my mind that this thing and the picture was with Avinash, where Avi did not tell, then I kept quiet saying to myself, that we support Has been for and you are doubting him then I called Avi in ​​rote and I called and we brother brother had a drink and then Avi asked me “What’s happening brother, how is it? So it’s going well.” Was there some problem with the job?, I ate “no no”, then asked him “any problem at home?”. I said again “no brother”, then he said, “So what is the problem”, then I told the whole thing what happened, then told her “Nothing will be fine, take tension mat”, consoled me and then we left, then after 2-3 days Preeti’s message came to herself that “I have to meet, have to talk”. “, then I said “Ha I have come to Pune to meet you tomorrow”, then in the next day went to Pune and met Preeti and told her “I have come to know”. I said “Sorry man I had no bad intentions, I want you Should have told everything”. There is no need of Karan, I said no, I have come to know everything, what happened”, she hugged and understood in the quote that you and I, and we have also increased respect. I was shocked I was not understanding anything, then told him “why didn’t you say anything?”, I said “where did you say”, then fell in both and then told me that ” Avinash had come yesterday to me and Told him everything what happened and all agreement”, then I asked “Who sent you the pics?”, told him “I don’t even know WhatsApp came from unknown number and talked to him do only You have said to me, so maybe someone from your friends is there. I asked “Show chat” then Preeti saw me and read the chat and I understood that this typing is of Rajiv only, typing like this is done by Rajiv then I called Avi and said to meet in the evening, then I and Preeti spent a good time Then met Avi in ​​the evening and hugged him before and said “Thank you brother tune did all this for me”, said to him “Just what brother, I told you, I am always there for your support”, then we went to the restaurant to eat something. And then I told him what happened today, “Dekhe my chats on Preeti’s phone and I think Rajiv will be there and no one can do such a scandal”, then told him “It will be Rajiv, not Rajiv, know the information has been found out.” , she has just got the sim and the pictures took her to the party that day”, I said “It is all thick but where did Preeti’s number come from, I have given Preeti’s number only to you, that too sometimes some problem happened.” If there was an emergency”, Avi said, “If he would have taken your phone sometime, then he would have taken out a similar picture and the number would have come out”. I agreed and then I said “now what you have to do with rajiv” . Avi said “He is going to kill him but don’t do it now, we don’t have any proof right now to get up on him”. I said, “Where will the proof be taken from the court, who needs proof, let’s die”. Avi said “Don’t understand why I am speaking”, I said “Okay”, then everything was going on smoothly. One day, when he touched his job early, he went to his house, was spending some time with mom, mom was saying, “Son, there is so much work yet, everything is going well at home, I was thinking of marrying a big girl.” after find”, I got tensed as soon as I heard it, marriage?! Lady?! I am taking care of all this, what do I tell now? I said to my mother, “No mother will be seen after marriage, I can not give time to you, how will I give time to someone else”, I got a little angry, “It is time for good friends, I have told you to take your daughter-in-law. Wow, wow son. I said “No mother is not like that, think you have liked someone but what will you do then.” Mother said, “Then something big has happened in her, we will see if the girl is good, I just don’t like me.” I will leave my stubbornness, if the girl is bad then I will not allow marriage. I said “Okay thick now I go to sleep”. After wiping the company, who said “Sir you are calling. I said “what happened?”, said to him “No, nothing has to be discussed. I went to Sir’s cabin. Sir very good mood my the sir said “Come to tell you that it is 50th anniversary of our company in 2-3 days so have to organize a big party.

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