A Stranger Chapter 3 – Life’s Beautiful Memories

There they said “some marriage should be a happy couple” then I showed the marriage certificate and then they said “you got married for a child”. I said “nothing is more for me than the happiness of these two”, then both of them came home with Ashok. I said “Anu are you happy now?”, gave her a big smile and said “Ha! Thanks”, she asked “Why did you do all this just for me? , you didn’t even go to me” so I said ” Your smile looks so sweet, did so much to see her again and again.” He smiled again and then I went to my house, had dinner and went to sleep, then the next day was a holiday for a job and I went to Anu, Anu When I failed, we brought the form of the school, then both of us went to school, after seeing the fees in the school, I was taught thinking, how will I do so much. Avinash also came with my mother, understood my feeling from him, then he said, “Brother, don’t worry, I am yaha”. I said “Dude, don’t speak like this, everything is my responsibility, you should not sacrifice for me, whether it is a matter of money or anyone else” then said to him, “Brother is my sister-in-law, my responsibility is also divided”, after a while we Departed and submitted the form then I, Anu, Ashok and Avinash, went to all the gardens to bethane, to pass the time, Anu was very happy to see Ashok playing there and she was also playing with Ashok, me and Avinash Avinash maybe this is all It is a matter of happiness in life, people get married for this happiness”. I said “ha brother I didn’t even know, I thought marriage is all rubbish but now I understand what happiness I have got by making my wife happy”. Avinash said, “You are big brother, you are married.” Basically, we both started laughing, then after a while it was evening, and we all went home after having dinner outside. Leaving everyone at home, I went to my house, did office the next day and called Avinash after leaving the office and said, “Anu’s here everything is thick, I have had a lot of work today, so I am going home, you are the one.” Visiting bar Anu’s here and see everything is fine”. Avinash said “Okay” then I went home and went home, everything was going well, then Avinash’s rise came then me and Anu had a cool party The interesting part of the arrangement was that it comes very well to manage Anu like a professional.Then surprised Avinash all friends a.The cake cutting happened then it was late as the party was cut so Anu put her to sleep and we 3 -4 friends bethe to drink and do their gossip then rajeev mine and avi’s old friend said to me “brother who was that girl with you we have never seen and when did you take this flat?”. I said “is that to you?” It’s just my friend, Usi’s flat, it’s not mine” Then eat her “Why is she telling her that I saw your picture in her room, she also got married”, the time was drunk, so I ate “Well you have seen” then I told everything What happened to everyone, then one day everything was going well after managing everything well, job, anu, home, gf everything was going well. After a few days, suddenly one day my GF Preeti starts getting angry with me, I don’t understand what has happened, I try to compromise with her, but I was not listening, she will tell. I didn’t say anything then I ate “Come to meet, I will sort everything again”, he said “I will never meet you with me”. I had never seen so much hatred in him. I insisted on him “What happened?”Say why are you getting so angry earlier and all” Then send him me and Anu’s wedding pictures.

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