A Stranger Chapter 2- Why I Loved

I got a message from my gf Preeti, then I came to mind that I cannot do this, what will I reply to my gf?, many such questions started coming in mind, I again went to my friend Avinash, then we told me Said if you understand your girlfriend, she will understand, if you marry Anu, someone’s life is dependent on you, whose life will become your one decision, you trust in me, if I have any problem, I Was confused, after sometime my boss called, he said “You come early tomorrow, I want to talk to you”, I asked “about what sir, I have not completed any project, have you sir?”, he said “No such thing, the last project you did, you did very well, that’s why the one whose project was there, I want to match you and I am promoting you too”, I happily said “Ha sir will go more” and I decided Liya, now I will have money and also have to keep Anushka happy, then I will get married, then I went home to Anushka, it was not feeling right with her because so many days have been very bad. And now suddenly living in a good home so, I called the doctor and saw. Anu said “No don’t do much for me, I am fine. I didn’t listen to her, she was resting after the doctor’s departure then I asked her “Anu ask you one question”, she said “ha you have helped so much You can know anything about me. I said “Should we get married and adopt Ashok and send him to school?” She was shocked, started crying again. I immediately said “I am tired if you are not sorry but don’t cry” Then he hugged me and said “I wanted the same thing, you are very nice, you have helped me, your life speaks it aur bidi” Very Loves me, then I said “tomorrow I will do the temple”, work him?” I said “I will come soon” without asking him any more questions said “Ok” then I said “my friend Avinash Will come for all the preparations and even with some money” Every later I went and I ate the next day, but went and talked to the manager of the project, he liked it very much, then sir told me in front of him. I was given promotion and increased my salary, then after all this I said to Sir “Sir can go to Jaldhi today. What is home, worship is my house”, he said, “Yes, absolutely go as much as you want, but only for today.” I said “Yes absolutely, thank you sir” and hurriedly poocha the temple, there Avinash had done all the preparations. I asked, “Where is Anu?”, told her it has been decided at home, then I went home and came to Anu, then we sat for marriage, then suddenly you guys are not getting married and if it is so I won’t get married. I compromise “There is nothing like this, we are both infinite” then Anu got angry. I loved seeing Anu smiling. The marriage went well. Then Anu said “You never and Ananth for me now family Don’t speak now don’t speak family, then I am too, never think to be infinite, don’t you? “I said” Yes Mr. And now you are also not infinite. We hugged, Avinash also hugged, said congratulations and then we went to the hotel for three meals and from there, while going home, asked Avinash “What should I do on the first night, should I do all that or my own?” Said him, “Brother, he won’t decide for something like this, if he passes, then do a little romance but nothing more. I said “Ok brother” then I called home and said “Today will not give less, tomorrow will give direct evening” Then I and Anu wipe the house, I did not go because I was very tired, then after changing the Anu started sleeping, I Didn’t come, saw Anu to sleep, made me sit on her side and thickened her hair and said “Your smile is very beautiful, keep smiling like this, I will never leave you. Then I went to another room and fell asleep. Some fear After that Anu got up and I got a loud sound and I suddenly woke up and felt it.” What happened anu sab thik hai na” told him “I don’t like sleeping alone, you also sleep with me, I want to sleep with you” then I said “it’s okay”. I sleep on this side. Anu said “no you go to bed with me” in “It’s okay” and slept with Anu, Anu hugged me and went to sleep in the same way, I also fell asleep and then woke up in morning and saw Anu had breakfast. Had made it, then I was ready to go to him and have breakfast, then Anu asked, “When will you go to get Ashok”. I said that I will come from the job in the evening, then I will leave for the job after having breakfast and the time gave Avinash’s number to Anu and the telephone was set at home. Called Avinash and said that if there is any problem, then he went to work in Vagera and after coming, he picked up Anu and was gay.

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