A Stranger Chapter 1 – Met a Strange Girl

I am Arya, a simple boy from Mumbai who has just graduated, spent 2 years and since then I have been doing my job in an IT company, in my life there came a situation whose decision changed my life. The more people grow, the more responsibility increases, let’s come to the story, I go to my job as usual and come back in the evening, eat my food and go to sleep, rooting was done. One day I was going to Panvel for a job then saw a very beautiful girl at the station, she had been a very sad daughter, all the time when I used to travel, I see everyday and she was in a bar nearby. Asked Uncle with sadness, why does she live like this and what is the problem, Uncle said, I don’t know, just come every day and the same daughter has been there, I know that she comes from Sector 58 and in big style I said Uncle, I I did not understand, because I have traveled so much, yet I did not know anything about the sector, I went to that sector that day and asked to see, how is it, where, I saw there, woke up somewhere and some big buildings, many small small houses, those Most of the uncle of the shop, that girl looks like Aamir, so I thought she is rich and she lives in a big building, I was going to work again one day, so I also saw and talked, then came to know her name Anushka is there and she has no one alive and she had to adopt a small child, who was an orphan but Adhikari said “You should be a married couple then we can adopt you”. I felt very bad, I said “meet me, there was a wake from that child where he was left, I stayed for that girl and made arrangements for food and pine, and nothing special helped that child.” To the girl. She went home in one day, she was crying, I asked “What happened?” So she said, “Ashok, that little child, I want to meet him, a lot of things happened to him, everyone in the society with his family.” He has been, teaches his rescue, loves, I want Ashok too”, I then took him to Ashok, the authority till he went to meet him. The problem is there is no “nobody” right?” , He said “Nothing is all thick”, then we go home and then told him that “Ashok was speaking, we have to go to school and learn but Anant doesn’t send ashram to school, only feeds Bachao and makes him work.” “, then I said ” if it is thick then I will arrange the money and will talk to the author iti you give him SH” ool dal “, told him ” it is not that easy, I also talked to the authority, they said we will not send can, they don’t get that much funding and sent a post to save anant ashram has decided ka”. I couldn’t see the girl crying, I pacified her and put her to sleep For now then I read my thought What to do, only one option was visible to get it married and could see happy, but told everything to a friend of my parents and asked “what can do”, he said “get married, who will not know well and” I will arrange the money”, I came home again from there and thought a lot, he was coming, so I decided that I will marry him and help him, then I got a message from my gf Preeti.

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