A Stranger Chapter 7 – When We Met

I don’t know so, I’ve been wondering who would that be? Rajeev? Or is there anyone else who wants to put my watts. I call Avi and say “whatever happened brother who is doing, have to find out, it doens’t look like rajiv did, because he is very afraid of my dad, will do so big and will not What will he get from him anyway, after doing all this, there is some traitor, someone else is there for all this”. Avi says “Yes brother, I see complete information, you do not take tension” Then go for a job in the next day. It happens, “first leave preeti to his house”, Me and Preeti leave and I fix the car and say to Preeti “Today job will not go to Anu’s house, you will meet Anu” then we go There are Anu’s houses, as they approach, Anu understands, in the scene Jha makes Anu tea and says “You have not gone to the job today”, I say “No I had to introduce you to a special person very much Time to come with you today”. Anu says “yes he only call you in front of me nahin”, I say “ha this is my gf”, Anu feels a little bad and says “ha I understood that he, no one, that is you I have been there since before my arrival in life, no one can question, how much you have done for me, after that whatever you say is acceptable to me, I am happy”. She is happy when she speaks but I can see clearly on her face. Preeti tries to be a little friendly Karti is with Anu but Anu’s mood is too off, we go out to have tea, then leave Preeti at home, I go to meet Avi, where Abi speaks to me, I found out , tracked him that number and whoever it is, he was following you since last week”, told me “What a scene is this, someone is following me for so long and I don’t even know, now this So I will stay for sure”. Avi says “Ha brother a lot, now by doing some planning, I will get it fixed, I do one thing, I am doing Rajiv’s piche bande, let’s see if he is doing all this or not. Ha ok bu your informer ko bol, keep tracking him and notify me if anyone is following me again”. Avi says “thik hai ho gaya hai”, then I leave from there, I remember and am angry with me, I will have to talk to him. I go to Anu’s house, Anushka opens the door and says. “you leave her to his house little time spend with her” , I said ” yes leave him, let me talk to you Had to do it”, Anu told me “What to talk about, I said no, I am not talking, “I speak, but I do not see that happiness on your circle, your lovely smile has gone somewhere”, Then she smiles and says “Look, this is not going anywhere” Then she tells me “Madamji this is a fake smile”, and I giggle to her and start having fun and she starts laughing openly, a little After having fun, she says, “Yes, I felt sad a little, but I didn’t think about it and it’s a bit sad that it hurt so many times. Even after asking, you never told me anything about her”, I tell her “Sorry no Anu, I was not able to dare, I was worried about you” Then she says “No problem now that can’t change from her, Well tell me, will you eat something or eat with my Sohtan, I say, “No, I haven’t eaten anything, will I lose my mother’s hand? I have taken out my tiffin, Anu says “why don’t wait, I also bring prepared and then eat together” Then after having lunch, I speak to her “There are problems going on in my life Ray” she asks “What happen?” I tell him about the stalker and all that has happened, then she says, “What are you saying, who will be your bad person”, I say, “He doesn’t even understand me, I should also eat this thing. So Anu says “Have an idea” Look at me sharp I ask “What?” She says “You, me, Preeti, Avinash, Ashok all go to roam, that stalker will definitely come there and again the pictures will come out of Tino, tabi we will cook from him” I say, I will take it for sure and on this pretext. You and Preeti can become good friends, get to know each other, and we have also taken Ashok. Sometimes, I apply for a holiday in the office tomorrow. “Ha ok but where will we go?” I say “Don’t you worry about him, avi is here he will bring us to some good place”, Anu says “Thick hai pooch him only”, I say “Thick hai then I have left, right now I am scared ” I hug her happily and say “thank you” She eats “For what?” I say “for everything” then she says “shut up”, I leave in a hurry then call Avi and all.

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